Tire Basic Knowledge
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¡€         ¡°Speed Index "is a number corresponding to the maximum speed that the tire could support. Please note that this speed index only relates to the tire speed capability, but not suggest to exceed the legal speed limit, please control in the legal speed for driving.

¡€         "Load Index" is a number corresponding to the largest load capacity (unit: kg), indicating that the tires could bear the maximum weight in normal inflation. You also can find the moulding maximum load number in pounds or kilograms as units on the tire sidewall.

¡€         "Tire width" means the width of the tire (The distance is between the two sidewall, unit: mm). The tire width is 185 millimeters.

¡€         "Aspect Ratio" means the proportion between the tire¡¯s width and height. "65" means that the tire¡¯s height is equal to 65 percent of tire¡¯s width.

¡€         "R" means radial structure, and indicates that the fabric layer (ie, tire curtain line) composing to the tire body shows radial form in the tire body.

¡€         ¡°Standard Rim¡± means the rim diameter that the tire used. (unit: inch)

¡€         ¡°Pattern Code¡± means the pattern name which stands for the tire.

¡€         ¡°Indicating Line of Installing Tire¡±: it is one circle line which lies on tire inner, in order to remind the workers the circle and the circle of the rim edge formed should be concentric when installs the tire.

¡€         Maximum Inflation Pressure: Stand for the maximum pressure that the tire could bear, units is KPa and Pounds / Square Inch (psi).

¡€         Tubeless: Show that this tire does not need to install the tube when in use.

¡€         Tire Body Structure: Explain the structure of the tire tread and sidewall.

¡€         Steel Belt: A sort of material which in tread structure to fix body and enhance the load

¡€         Wearing indication point: There is small protuberance in the tread groove which the triangle pointed. When the tire wear to the high degree, it can not be used any more. Generally, the wear limit of passenger tire is 1.6 millimeters.

¡€         Grip Levels: Stand for the tires ability to grip the ground, is divided into four levels: AA, A, B, C, AA is the highest level.

¡€         Temperature Levels: Stand for the capacity of the tire giving out heat ability, divided into three levels: A, B, C, A is the highest level.

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